The Salty Dog Team 

Paul Haldenwang

Paul has been fishing since he was 5 years old with his father as his mentor. As a result, he loves wild oceans which he came to know and understand in South Africa where he grew up. His love of nature and explorative character are always pushing him to discover new fishing destinations whenever the opportunity arises.

Paul has fished and sailed all over the world, including the West African coast, Central America, Caribbean and Pacific ocean. He is passionate about marine conservation and in preserving the oceans for the generations to follow, hence he strives to instil these values in his children also.

When he’s not fishing somewhere, Paul works in London in the construction industry and has 18 years experience in the refurbishment of hotels.

Paul has a commercial skipper’s license and is an IGFA-registered captain. Since 2017 he is also an Orvis endorsed fly-fishing guide. He also completed the Royal Geographical Society course on Travel and Exploration in 2013 and is always up to date on the St John’s Ambulance First Aid course

Lisl Haldenwang
Director/Marketing Coordinator

Lisl is Paul’s partner of 20 years. She didn’t realise she fell in love with a fisherman with saltwater in his veins when they first met. But she’s not sorry she did and more often than not gets drawn in by Paul’s enthusiasm and passion for fishing. She does love travelling and who would say ‘no’ to visiting an exotic destination anyway when the opportunity arises? Although she doesn’t fish, Lisl loves to work behind the scenes. Therefore she takes care of the marketing, website, administration and accounts. So she comes in handy after all because Salty Dog needs those jobs done too!

Lisl is the perfect person to look after the ‘other’ Salty Dog jobs (i.e. not to do with fishing), because of her background in publishing and office administration and also a shared love of the sea.
She married Paul in 2000 and they have 3 ocean-loving children and a dog called Rolo.

Salty Dog
Rolo, a very excitable Sprocker, joined our family several years after Salty Dog was formed. The 'dog' was always missing from Salty Dog until he came along. You won't find a more exuberant, but loyal dog than our Rolo. At nearly 3, he has gone back to doggy-school to learn some manners, and don't let anyone tell you that you can't teach an old dog new tricks! He is very quick to learn and eager to please. Especially with a handful of liver by your side. Follow us on Facebook to see how he gets on. Rolo also loves fish.
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