West Africa Fishing:  SÃO TOMÉ AND PRíNCIPE


São Tomé and Príncipe is one of Salty Dog’s best kept secrets as a destination for travel fishing. If you’re into island hopping, white sandy beaches un-trampled by tourists, game fishing, whale, turtle and bird-watching, these islands are worth the visit. The chocolate islands offer so much more than just fishing. Furthermore, it’s a perfect destination for a family holiday too, which will allow you to combine a fishing and family holiday.  Perfect, right?

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Trip duration

5 days (1 night São Tomé, 4 nights Príncipe)


Target species

Marlin (July - November)
Dolphin Fish
Atlantic Bluefin Tuna

If your goal is to fish for blue water species, some of the biggest to roam the oceans, then the islands of São Tomé and Príncipe are the best place to go for it! If you're after blue Marlin, this is it!
You will be fishing off the boat in these blue waters. Fish to target:
During the peak season, you'll witness humpbacks and other whale species migrating (July to October) through this area. They come close to the shore. Turtle nesting and hatching season is between November and April and you can sometimes spot them while snorkelling. Diving is best between December and March.
It's a good idea to put aside a few days to explore the area's rainforests and also to go birdwatching - there are many endemic birds. The lodge we stay at are secluded and on the beach, and many of the endemic bird species are spotted close to the accommodation.



The base for this destination is high-end, and has a lot to offer for the whole family, not only anglers. São Tomé and Príncipe (both islands) are therefore perfect for a family holiday. Tourism is still in its early days so if you're after a secluded break with your other half, but also want to take time to go fishing, this place has it all! The chocolate islands are also perfect if you want to introduce your kids to an African culture in a safe and friendly environment, with all the luxuries of a European holiday.
The lodges have friendly helpful staff and are eager to make your trip a memorable one. Accommodation is bungalows on the beach lined by palm trees, brilliant snorkelling and diving, or swimming pool for the less adventurous, and a lovely restaurant offering great food. If you bring the kids, I'd recommend contacting the lodge before as a courtesy to enquire about food choices. Remember, you're on an island and they import most of the food.
Apart from the fishing, the lodge can also arrange day trips exploring the area and the jungle, and depending on the season: bird watching, whale watching, turtle watching! You will be spoilt for choice and wish you were staying longer!


Group Size: Price is per person 2 sharing
Season: Marlin July to November, the other species can be targeted throughout the year
Target Species: Blue water pelagic species. Enormous sailfish, wahoo and barracuda swim in this part of the Atlantic, as well as dolphin-fish and Atlantic bluefin tunas, among other species of tuna. Here you can get your chance to catch a 1000 pound marlin or a really aggressive sailfish.
Trip Itinerary: Bespoke trips and can be combined with a fishing trip to Gabon. Please contact us for a brochure.
Accommodation: ****/* lodges on both islands - half and full board
Price: €2,100 per person sharing (children's rates available on request)

Insurance: We strongly advise taking out travel insurance before travelling. Please enquire about this and receive a 10% discount if you live in the UK.



Population: 199,910
Capital: São Tomé
Languages: Portuguese, Forro, Angolar, Principense
Currency: Dobra
Economy: Since the 19th century, the economy of São Tomé and Príncipe has been based on plantation agriculture. The main crop on São Tomé is cocoa, with other export crops include copra, palm kernels, and coffee.