West Africa Fishing: SIERRA LEONE

Unspoilt beaches and waters make for an unforgettable experience in Sierra Leone. One of a kind, a must to visit as far as travel fishing goes.

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9 days, six and a half days fishing

Sunday to following Tuesday



If your goal is to fish off the grid in untouched waters and you're after a great array of species with some world records lurking in the waters, then Sierra Leone will not disappoint.
You will be fishing off beaches, sand spits, mangroves, rivers and off the boat, with an experienced guide to offer advice and tips at all times. Groups will be rotated so that all anglers can fish the various locations and styles in our itinerary on a rotation basis.
This is the land of rod-breaking species and with no tackle shops for miles we recommend you bring the right gear to cover the wide variety of fish you will encounter.



This is a remote, fishing-focused operation with no frills, originally a mining camp. Therefore we don’t promote Sulima and Sherbro Islands as a non-angler destination. There is no pool to lounge at and no spa service around the corner! Only expect brilliant fishing!
However, we promise that you will be in an untouched paradise, with some of West Africa's most beautiful palm-lined beaches and rivers on your doorstep. Between the Gola Rain Forest Reserve up the road and Tiwai Island Sanctuary up the Moa river, you will be truly spoilt by the wonders West Africa has to offer. Included in this tour are camping trips to fish on Turtle Islands.
Because of the remote nature and location of the camp, it is recommended that you bring all of your own fishing equipment and enough of it to cover any breakages by angry fish!



Season: From November to May
Group Size: 3 - 5 anglers
Target Species: Tarpon, Cubera Snapper, African Threadfin, Jacks, Cob, Chevron Barracuda, Leerfish
Trip Itinerary: Sunday to following Tuesday (9 days).
Accommodation: Tent camp, offering basic essentials – expect no frills
Price: Hosted and unhosted trips available - please enquire about prices


Population: 5,525,000
Capital: Freetown
Languages: English, Mende, Temne, Krio
Currency: Leone
Economy: Industry - [Mining (diamonds); small-scale manufacturing (beverages, textiles); petroleum refining] Agriculture [Rice, coffee, cacao, palm kernels; poultry; fish] Exports - [Diamonds, rutile, cacao, coffee]