West Africa Fishing: GABON

Gabon is one of Salty Dog’s most popular destinations for travel fishing. Off the beaten track, offering game fishing, wild life, and bird-watching.

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7 nights & 8 full days fishing.

11 days round trip including travelling.

Available dates for 2018: To be announced



A mixed angling paradise with unrivaled and unique tackle busting species, with an experienced guide hosting your trip. We actively promote and practice a catch and release policy to help protect this African fishing paradise.
It is not only the world class fishing that makes this destination so special, you will also be sharing your tropical beach photos with Elephants, Hippopotamus (they do like a surf), forest Buffalo and the Lowland Gorilla foraging on the beach side trees, to name a few beach visitors. Turtles can also be seen during their mating season. We also offer guided walks through Loango National Park where you will have the chance of seeing Manitee, Crocodiles, Monitor lizards, Red river Hogs, Forest Sitatunga, Forest duikers as well as the common bay and yellow-backed duikers.
Many rare bird species frequent the area including Chocolate Back Kingfishers, White Crowned Tiger Herons, Forbes's plover, Loango weaver, quail finch, rosy bee-eaters and the Congo river martins. Here you can have the chance to explore this true Tropical Paradise, with vast pristine rain forest with over 20% of the flora being endemic.



Our base will be a Lodge on the shores of the Iguela Lagoon which is perfectly placed within Loango National Park. Expect traditional rustic bungalows, each with an independent aircon and an on-suite bathroom. All bungalows have a superb view of the tranquil lagoon and the National Park, with a communal deck at the water's edge to relax and watch tropical Africa in all its glory! This is wildlife and birdwatcher's paradise.
The lodge is perfectly placed within a short boat ride to the ocean via a beautiful route through rainforests and mangroves. You will arrive at the Atlantic Ocean, where the Iguela Lagoon and tropical Atlantic waters meet. Here, you will find high-octane fishing with every tidal change.
You can explore the excellent fishing on its 175 km uninhabited coastline to your heart's content. Because of our small groups and the unexplored region, you will find only tranquil settings and lonely beaches to fish at.



Season: November - March
Species: Cubera Snapper, Tarpon, African Threadfin, Jack Cravalle, Whitefin Jacks, Guinean Barracuda (Shevrons), Rouge, Senegal Kob, Guitar fish and the elusive San Cravalle, Leerfish
Accommodation: We stay in traditionally rustic decorated bungalows, each with an independent aircon and an on-suite bathroom.
Price: Hosted and unhosted trips - please enquire about prices.


Population: 1,384,000
Capital: Libreville
Language: French, Fang, Myene, Nzebi, Bapounou/Eschira, Bandjabi
Currency: CFA franc
Economy: Industry [Petroleum extraction and refining, manganese and gold mining, chemicals] Agriculture [Cacao, coffee, sugar, palm oil; cattle; okoume (a tropical softwood); fish] Exports [Crude oil, timber, manganese, uranium]