Indemnity Conditions

Last updated 25/10/23

Salty Dog crew have undergone all the necessary Skipper’s courses, Radio courses and Marine First Aid trainings to ensure everyone’s safety while on board the Salty Dog.

By booking and paying for a fishing trip, you agree to:

  • seek medical advice from your GP if you are in any doubt as to your physical ability to take part in services offered by Salty Dog Game Fishing;
  • take part in Salty Dog Game Fishing activities entirely at your own risk; and that
  • Salty Dog Game Fishing is not responsible for damage to or loss of any personal property while partaking in our services, nor for any claims of damages for personal or bodily injury or death suffered by you, whether caused by the act or omission of Salty Dog Game Fishing or its employees or any other person or event, including your own negligence, and you hereby waive all such claims and rights of recovery against Salty Dog Game Fishing, and their directors.

Through payment for Salty Dog Game Fishing services, you confirm your acceptance of and will abide by our Terms & Conditions.

Medical Disclaimer:

You, the client, declare that to the best of your knowledge:

  • you are not suffering from any of the following conditions, and if you do that you have disclosed it to Salty Dog Game Fishing **: epilepsy, disability, giddy spells, asthma, diabetes, angina or any other heart condition;
  • you are in good health and fit to participate in fishing activities;
  • you will supply your own eye protective gear when participating in activities arranged by Salty Dog Game Fishing Ltd; and
  • you will bring any prescribed medication you might need, such as asthma inhaler, Epipen, etc. with me on Salty Dog Game Fishing Ltd activities.

** Disclosing conditions you suffer from will not exclude you from taking part in Salty Dog Game Fishing activities.

After booking any of our activities you will be requested to ensure you filled and ticked  the appropriate boxes on our Booking form online and submit it,  before taking part in activities arranged by Salty Dog Game Fishing.

Why do we ask clients to sign an indemnity agreement?

We ask all our clients to enter into this agreement with us because we have to be highly reliant on the information given to us by each client in providing the services we offer. This information is central to the crucial consideration of safety. For these reasons & also the very fact it is a personal service, we have to ask each individual angler (even in a group booking) to make a personal commitment to us to ensure the safety of everyone on board the Salty Dog.

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