World Fishing Day 2018, Paul and Vito in Orbetello, Tuscany

World Fishing Day 2018

Orbetello, Tuscany

View a short photo essay of Paul and Vito’s adventure on World Fishing Day, 23rd June 2018. They travelled to Italy, to chase bass on the salt water lagoon of Orbetello in Tuscany for

Paul used the Sakura Travel Spin Rod, Triniz 7ft, 5-21 grams to hook his prize. Paired with a Penn 2500 Battle 2 Spinning Reel, loaded with 20lb braid with a 1.5m fluorocarbon 20lb leader. The connection from braid to leader is a ‘pix’ knot. As they were fishing almost exclusively on top water they used a snap link and quite a small ‘walk the dog’ stick baits on the lure fishing side. That delivered spectacular visual take on the surface from not only bass but bream as well.

Fishing on lagoon Orbetello was a blast and they made great new friends in the local guides who took them out.

A very successful first World Fishing Day! Italy fishing rocks!

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